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  Position Title City State  
 Account Manager - Educational Facilities Newnan/Peachtree City GA  
 Janitorial Associate: Mt. Zion, GA 2018-19 Carrollton GA  
 Janitorial Associate: Villa Rica, GA 2018-19 Villa Rica GA  
 Janitorial Associate: Jackson, GA 2018-19 Jackson GA  
 Custodian: Coweta County 2017-18 Newnan/Peachtree City GA  
 Floor Technician: Claxton, GA. 2018-19 Claxton GA  
 Floor Technician: Trenton, TN 2018-19 Trenton TN  
 Floor Technician: Nash-Rocky Mount, NC. 2018-19 Rocky Mount NC  
 Floor Technician: McIntosh County, 2018-19 Brunswick/Darien GA  
 Floor Technician: Sandersville, Ga. 2018-19 Sandersville GA  
 Floor Technician: Coweta County, Ga. 2018-19 Newnan/Peachtree City GA  
 Floor Technician: Bowdon, Ga. 2018-19 Bowdon GA  
 Floor Technician: Summerville, Ga. 2018-19 Summerville GA  
 Janitorial Associate: Claxton, GA. 2018 - 2019 Statesboro GA  
 Janitorial Associate: Carrollton, GA. 2018 - 2019 Carrollton GA  
 Floor Technician: Villa Rica, Ga. 2018-19 Villa Rica GA  
 Floor Technician: Temple, Ga. 2018-19 Carrollton GA  
 Floor Technician: Bacon County, Ga. 2018-19 Alma/Hazelhurst GA  
 Janitorial Associate: Coweta County, GA 2018-19 Newnan/Peachtree City GA  
 Janitorial Associate: Whitesburg, GA. 2018 - 2019 Whitesburg GA  
 Floor Technician: Blackshear, Ga. 2018-19 Waycross GA  
 Supervisor - Floor Tech Newnan/Peachtree City GA  
 Floor Technician - Covington, Ga. Covington GA  
 Floor Technician - Eastlake, Ga. Eastlake/Atlanta GA  
 Warehouse Associate Bethel PA  
 Forklift Operator : Newnan, GA. Newnan GA  
 Forklift Operator - Columbus, OH. Columbus/Groveport OH  
 Forklift Operator: Phoenix, AZ. Phoenix AZ  
 Forklift Operator : Lebanon / Reading, PA. Lebanon/Reading PA  
 Handyman - LaGrange, Ga. LaGrange GA  
 Handyman - Newnan, Ga. Newnan/Peachtree City GA  
 Janitorial Associate Newnan/Peachtree City GA  
 Janitorial Associate LaGrange GA  
 Janitorial Associate Peachtree City GA  
 Janitorial Associate - GA (Spanish Version) Newnan/Peachtree City GA  
 Janitorial Associate - Griffin Griffin GA  
 Warehouse Associate - Ennis, TX. Ennis TX  
 Day Porter - Newnan Newnan/Peachtree City GA  
 Custodian/Janitor - Ocala, FL. Ocala FL  
 Custodian/Janitor - Dallas / Ft. Worth, TX. Dallas/Ft. Worth TX  
 Warehouse Janitorial / Recycles - Ocala, FL. Ocala FL  
 Custodian: Waco, GA 2017-18 Waco GA  
 Custodian/Janitor: Goodyear, AZ Goodyear AZ  
 Janitorial Associate : Columbus, OH. Columbus/Groveport OH  
 Custodian: Nash-Rocky Mount, NC. 2017-18 Rocky Mount NC  
 Janitorial Associate - Sandersville, Ga. 2018-19 Sandersville GA  
 Janitorial Associate : Clinch County 2018-19 Homerville GA  
 Warehouse Associate - Columbus, OH. Columbus/Groveport OH  
 Warehouse Janitorial / Recycles - McCarran, NV. Fernley NV  
 Warehouse Janitorial / Recycles - USA Pkwy. Sparks, NV. Reno NV  
 Janitorial Associate: Bowdon, GA 2018-19 Bowdon GA  
 Janitorial Associate: Temple, GA 2018-19 Temple GA  
 Warehouse Associate - Newnan, Ga. Newnan GA  
 Janitorial Associate: Nashville, GA 2018-19 Nashville/Adel GA  
 Warehouse Janitorial / Recycles - Wilkes-Barre, PA. Wilkes-Barre PA  
 Warehouse Associate - Wilkes-Barre, PA. Wilkes-Barre PA  
 Custodian/Janitor - Newnan, GA. Newnan GA  
 Janitorial Associate - Athens, GA. Athens GA  
 Janitorial Associate - Eastlake, Ga. Eastlake/Atlanta GA  
 Janitorial Associate - Coweta, GA. Newnan/Peachtree City GA  
 Janitorial Associate : Winchester, VA. Winchester VA  
 Janitorial Associate - Pierce County 2018-19 Blackshear GA  
 Janitorial Associate - Bremen 2018-19 Bremen GA  
 Janitorial Associate: Bacon County, Ga. 2018-19 Alma/Hazelhurst GA  
 Warehouse Janitorial / Recycles - Dallas / Ft. Worth, TX. Dallas/Ft. Worth TX  
 Custodian: Summerville, GA 2018-19 Summerville GA  
 Custodian: McIntosh Co. 2018-19 Brunswick/Darien GA  
 Custodian - Coweta / Heard Co. Newnan/Peachtree City GA  
 Custodian: Findlay, OH Findlay OH  
 Warehouse Janitorial / Recycle - Indianapolis, IN. Indianapolis IN  
 Custodian: Heard Co., GA. 2018-19 Franklin GA  
 Janitorial Associate: Trenton, Tn 2018-19 Trenton TN  
 Janitorial Associate - Madison, GA. Madison GA  
 Warehouse Janitorial / Recycle Second Shift - Ottawa, IL. Ottawa IL  
 Warehouse Associate - Ottawa, IL. Ottawa IL  
 Warehouse Janitorial - Ottawa, IL. Ottawa IL  
 Warehouse Associate - Plainfield, IN. Indianapolis IN  
 Warehouse Janitorial / Recycles - Lebanon - Reading, PA. Lebanon/Reading PA  
 Janitorial Associate - Peachtree City Peachtree City GA  
 Janitorial Associate : Corsicana, TX. Corsicana TX  
 Janitorial Associate : Desoto, TX. DeSoto TX  
 Warehouse Janitorial / Recycle - Plainfield, IN. Plainfield IN  
 Warehouse Associate - Harrisburg, PA. Harrisburg PA  
 Warehouse Associate - Bethel, PA. Lebanon/Reading PA  
 Warehouse Janitorial / Recycle - Goodyear, AZ. Goodyear AZ  
 Warehouse Janitorial / Recycles - Mechanicsburg, PA. Harrisburg PA  
 Janitorial Associate - Carrollton, GA. Carrollton GA  
 Warehouse Associate - Mechanicsburg, PA. Harrisburg PA  
 Day Porter : Trenton, TN. 2018 - 2019 Trenton TN  
 Landscaper - Summerville, Ga. 2018 - 19 Summerville GA  
 Security Clerk Newnan/Peachtree City GA  
 Lead Custodian : Dallas / Ft. Worth, TX. Dallas/Ft. Worth TX  
 Lead Custodian : Winchester, VA. Winchester VA  
 Working Supervisor - Bremen, Ga. 2018-19 Bremen GA  
 Working Supervisor - Pierce Co., Ga. 2018-19 Blackshear GA  
 Working Supervisor - Waco, Ga. 2018-19 Waco GA  
 Custodian Working Supervisor - Carrollton, Ga. 2018-19 Carrollton GA  
 Janitorial Working Supervisor - Jackson, Ga. 2018-19 Jackson GA  
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